3 Really Ridiculous Erectile Dysfunction Myths

Here are 3 of the most ridiculous erectile dysfunction myths.

Here are 3 of the most ridiculous erectile dysfunction myths.

Failing to get an erection when things get really hot in the bedroom can be very disappointing.

However, finding out that you’ve been duped for a long time with a few ridiculous erectile dysfunction myths can be rather stinging as well.

Make sure you follow along to learn some of the most absurd myths about not getting rock hard when you want to and easily keep away from them like you should.

Myth #1: You’re not getting hard because you are not sexually attracted to your lover anymore.

A lot of men mistakenly think that if they’re not rising up to the occasion like they should, it probably means that they have lost their sexual interest with their lover. They fail to take into consideration that they may have a few unpleasant habits that make them go soft between the sheets.

These commonly include smoking and drinking too much, not exercising regularly as well having a bad diet. These just lead to problems in blood flow that make it tough for the erectile tissues in the penis to get firm and sustain it long enough for sexual intercourse to happen.

Myth #2: You’re not getting hard because you are old.

Unlike what most guys believe, getting older will not make you lose your ability to get an erection or even affect its intensity in any way at all. Reaching the age of 50, 60 or beyond will not automatically make you a sufferer of the dreaded softie syndrome.

And what makes the whole thing interesting is that older men who think they have erectile dysfunction only have it because they’ve programmed their mindsets that they are losing their abilities to get hard on demand. Remember that having a positive frame of mind counts a lot when it comes to achieving a stable erection.

Myth #3: You’re not getting hard because you are masturbating too much.

Masturbation will not ruin your chances of getting an erection. The only negative effects of masturbating too often are chafing and a sore feeling around your penis due to constant stroking. Remarkably, making it a point to masturbate regularly does have a couple of benefits.

First, it helps relieve stress. The pleasurable feelings you experience when you stimulate yourself release a lot of happy hormones called dopamine in the brain and instantly improve your mood. Second, it also helps keep the muscular walls of your penis in tiptop shape, making it easier to get an erection.

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