3 Simple Ways To Attract Women

Simple ways how you can make yourself more of a catch among women...

Simple ways how you can make yourself more of a catch among women…

A lot of guys mistakenly think that attracting women is all about having the looks of a movie star, a hefty bank account or perhaps a flashy car that can burn rubber the moment you step on the gas.

Now while this may sound surprising, making women attracted to you is not as complicated as you think. And you don’t have to have all the attributes that I’ve mentioned earlier either.

So is you’re looking to become more of a catch among the opposite sex, here are a few simple pointers that you can use to get the job done:

Learn how to dance.

Sure dancing may be one of the least manly things you can think of, but it is scientifically proven as one of the activities that can make women notice you. Apart from giving them the impression that you’re confident, busting a few physically exhausting moves also makes them think that you can last long in bed.

Learning how to dance isn’t that tricky, too. All it takes is awareness to the music and body coordination. Don’t worry if you aren’t perfecting your dance moves yet. Practice makes perfect though.

Show women you’re healthy.

Women have a soft spot for fit and healthy guys. Don’t talk about how much liquor you’ve managed to drink over the weekend or perhaps all the cigarettes you smoked when you get the chance to talk to her. It doesn’t just make you look rather immature, but also very careless about your overall well-being.

And the best thing about being healthy? You are definitely going to look good and won’t tire easily when it comes to getting between the sheets, which scores you a lot of brownie points with women any day.

Don’t brag.

Sure you may have all the stuff that other men want and women can appreciate, but telling them about it directly can be a very big turn off. Don’t show off about how much money you’re earning or namedrop a few famous people. Instead of getting a positive reaction, majority of women will only think you’re just full of hot air.

Show women how very humble you are instead and try to learn more about her when you’re engaged in a conversation. It makes you look more sensitive and caring, which are absolutely winning attributes for women. Keep in mind to listen intently rather than talk and talk.

(And here’s how positive thinking helps you last longer in bed.)

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