3 Ways You Can Make Your Lover Really Excited For Sex

Make her excited for lovemaking with these simple pointers.

Make her excited for lovemaking with these simple pointers.

Convincing your lover to get between the sheets with you can be a tedious process. Apart from slowly building up her sexual arousal bit by bit, you have to take note of a few important elements to make sure you’ll pull the whole thing off easily.

Unlike what a lot of guys think, it’s not really that complicated. So if you’re looking to make her get between the sheets without a fuss the next time you feel frisky, here are some key pointers that will boost your chances of making her say yes.

Use a gentler voice.

Sure this may seem quite simplistic, but having a gruff voice when you’re looking to score some sexy time with your lover in the bedroom can easily turn her off. According to a study by the State University of New York at Albany, women are more inclined to get it on with guys who sound gentle and caring rather than those whose voices make them think about rough sex.

Just to make things easier for you, keep in mind to pronounce your words slower than usual in a softer tone. Interestingly, it also gives your partner the impression that you’re patient and will do anything to please her in bed.

Smell like a million bucks.

Women are very sensitive to the sense of smell. It’s so influential with their sexual arousal that you can get your partner going almost immediately if she thinks you smell really nice. On the other hand, it can also instantly curb her sexual interest if she’s having the idea that you simply reek.

Make it a point that you’ve already taken a shower and splashed on deodorant before you ask her to get rocking in bed with you. You can also use musky and woody colognes to take it up a notch. They just don’t smell really clean, but they won’t also get too aggressive if you accidentally put on more than you ought to.

Exercise with her.

Sweating it out with your lover for at least half an hour excites her adrenaline glands. Aside from making her blood pressure rise and increase her breathing levels, a boost in adrenaline also makes her feel more open to sex. There’s also something about men’s sweat that turns women on, so make sure you use it to your advantage. Other smart choices to go for are exciting activities like roller coaster rides and sports.

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