5 Ways To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Manipulative

Know the signs of having a manipulative girlfriend as early as now.

Know the signs of having a manipulative girlfriend as early as now.

Knowing if your girlfriend has the tendency to become manipulative in your relationship can save you a lot of time and misery in the long run.

Now while women don’t have signs on their bodies that give you a heads up if she’s going to be a manipulative girlfriend or not, there are certain key factors that will give her away.

So if you’re looking to easily determine if she’s a keeper or not, here are a few pointers that will help you do just that:

She doesn’t care about your feelings.

This is perhaps the most crucial factor that makes a manipulative woman stand out from the others. The only feelings she cares about are her own and nothing else. She simply thinks that your emotions are not that important. Sadly, she will easily dismiss your feelings at the drop of a hat, but try doing that to her and she will instantly play the victim and make you feel very guilty and miserable.

She always wants to have her way.

A manipulative girlfriend only packs your schedule with the stuff she likes. She will force you to only watch the movies she prefers, hang out in her favorite spots and even make you do things that you’re not even remotely interested in. Not giving in when she wants you to do something will only result to emotional blackmail from her.

She doesn’t reciprocate and ungrateful.

One very prominent attribute of a manipulative girlfriend is her ungrateful attitude. She doesn’t thank you when you do good things for her. She thinks that being in a relationship with her is already one big favor to you. And just to make things even worse, she doesn’t even try to counter your efforts at making her happy. In short, she doesn’t seem to know that a romantic relationship is supposed to be a two-way street.

She embarrasses you publicly.

As I have pointed out earlier, a manipulative girlfriend doesn’t care about your emotions, not even the very least. All the feelings she cares about are her own. She doesn’t care if she hurts your emotions wherever you are. To take things up a notch, she doesn’t mind embarrassing or badmouthing you in public. She also doesn’t care if friends and family are present.

She always criticizes you.

You hear nothing but negativity from a manipulative girlfriend. She always has something to complain about no matter what. Whether it’s the dress you bought her or perhaps the food at the restaurant you’re having a date in, she doesn’t seem to stop firing really hurtful and embarrassing criticisms.

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