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Know the signs of having a manipulative girlfriend as early as now.

Know the signs of having a manipulative girlfriend as early as now.

Knowing if your girlfriend has the tendency to become manipulative in your relationship can save you a lot of time and misery in the long run.

Now while women don’t have signs on their bodies that give you a heads up if she’s going to be a manipulative girlfriend or not, there are certain key factors that will give her away.

So if you’re looking to easily determine if she’s a keeper or not, here are a few pointers that will help you do just that:

She doesn’t care about your feelings.

This is perhaps the most crucial factor that makes a manipulative woman stand out from the others. The only feelings she cares about are her own and nothing else. She simply thinks that your emotions are not that important. Sadly, she will easily dismiss your feelings at the drop of a hat, but try doing that to her and she will instantly play the victim and make you feel very guilty and miserable.

She always wants to have her way.

A manipulative girlfriend only packs your schedule with the stuff she likes. She will force you to only watch the movies she prefers, hang out in her favorite spots and even make you do things that you’re not even remotely interested in. Not giving in when she wants you to do something will only result to emotional blackmail from her.

She doesn’t reciprocate and ungrateful.

One very prominent attribute of a manipulative girlfriend is her ungrateful attitude. She doesn’t thank you when you do good things for her. She thinks that being in a relationship with her is already one big favor to you. And just to make things even worse, she doesn’t even try to counter your efforts at making her happy. In short, she doesn’t seem to know that a romantic relationship is supposed to be a two-way street.

She embarrasses you publicly.

As I have pointed out earlier, a manipulative girlfriend doesn’t care about your emotions, not even the very least. All the feelings she cares about are her own. She doesn’t care if she hurts your emotions wherever you are. To take things up a notch, she doesn’t mind embarrassing or badmouthing you in public. She also doesn’t care if friends and family are present.

She always criticizes you.

You hear nothing but negativity from a manipulative girlfriend. She always has something to complain about no matter what. Whether it’s the dress you bought her or perhaps the food at the restaurant you’re having a date in, she doesn’t seem to stop firing really hurtful and embarrassing criticisms.

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These mistakes can break your chances of having sex with your lover...

These mistakes can break your chances of having sex with your lover…

Sure you may have got a lot of awesome foreplay and sexual tricks up your sleeve, but your lover won’t be getting in the mood to jump between the sheets with you anytime soon if you keep on making these mistakes that will stop her from becoming full on sexually aroused.

Make sure you follow along to find out what these mistakes are and even learn a few pointers that will have her want to make things spicy in the bedroom again.

You are not paying close attention to your overall hygiene.

Women are very particular with visual and nasal cues to get sexually aroused. In simpler terms, you won’t betting getting lucky with your partner if you smell and look bad. Make it a point to be more conscious of your overall hygiene to really make her want to get in action in bed.

Apart from taking regular showers, dressing appropriately and using deodorant, it’s also smart to brush your teeth as well as get rid of unruly nose and ear hairs while you’re at it. Top it off with a pleasant cologne or perfume and you’re sure to get her going if you play your cards right.

You are not aware of her feelings.

Perhaps the biggest mistake you’ll ever make that will immediately ruin your chances of having sex with your partner is being indifferent to her emotions. Interestingly, women can’t get in the mood no matter how hard you try if they’re feeling a bit under the sun.

Make sure you ask your lover if she’s angry, frustrated or anxious and do your best to fix them before you start making your moves on her. These negative emotions only prevent her hormones from sending messages to her brain that get her sexually aroused.

You are doing the same things again and again.

Repetitiveness is one significant reason why she’s not having sex with you. Although you may already know how to make her squirm and moan between the sheets, doing the same stuff over and over will make her somewhat immune to the sensations that she’ll get along the way.

Now while I am not saying that you should reinvent the wheel on this one, make sure you come up with new ways to stimulate her pleasure zones differently. Take on a new style when you sizzle up her clitoris, breasts and similar erogenous hot spots and you’re definitely back in business.

Here are lesser known erectile dysfunction culprits.

Here are lesser known erectile dysfunction culprits.

Not having the ability to get and stay hard in bed is perhaps one of the most devastating things that can happen to a man.

Now while not exercising enough as well as indulging in too much alcohol and tobacco are known to be the usual culprits for erectile dysfunction, there are other causes for it that aren’t as popular as the others.

Just to make things even more interesting, you could be already doing them right now. Make sure you follow along to learn more.

Guzzling carbonated soda drinks.

The University of Minnesota revealed that consuming more than 8 ounces of carbonated soda every day raises a man’s chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Aside from causing irregular blood pressure levels that can keep the erectile tissues in the penis from getting the sufficient amount they need to make them ready for intercourse, type 2 diabetes also destroys the ability of nerve endings to become sensitive.

This simply means you just won’t get hard on demand, but also won’t feel any pleasure at all when your penis is stimulated.

Too much biking.

Now while biking may be one of the best exercises to keep your heart in excellent shape, hopping on your bike just most of the time can easily cause erectile dysfunction sooner or later.

Bike seats have been known to pinch the nerves in the perineum that cause tingling in the penile tissues when used too frequently. Exceeding more than 3 hours of bike rides a week can already put you at risk of not getting it up during sex.

Make sure you check the height and shape of your bike seat as well. Seats that make your knees rise too much in the air when pedaling have the possibility of stretching the muscles in the groin too much and lead to the same effects.

Drinking too much coffee.

Caffeine is the active ingredient in coffee that perks you up after a couple of sips. Now while this natural chemical is processed by the body easily, having too much in your system at once is a different story. Apart from ending up feeling jittery and extremely nervous, having a caffeine overload will only cause your blood pressure to waver, which only leads to weakened erections.

Limiting your coffee consumption to three cups is a smart idea. Don’t go for beverages that just contain too much sugar as well like the lattes and frappes you can buy in commercial coffee shops. If you’d like to indulge in one, just make your own.

Follow these pointers to naturally keep your sex drive up.

Follow these pointers to naturally keep your sex drive up.

Having the right sex drive can make or break your success when things get spicy in the bedroom.

Now while a lot of men mistakenly believe that the only way to keep their sex drive up to par is by getting their hands on medicines and similar artificial means, there are actually natural ways to help you do just that.

Make sure you follow along to find out what these natural means are…

Eat oysters.

Oysters have been scientifically proven to contain very high levels of essential nutrients that help men maintain their sex drive levels optimal. Apart from being loaded in vitamin B12, manganese, iron and selenium, theses tasty mollusks are also packed with zinc, an antioxidant that helps repair the erectile tissues in the penis that swell up when a man is sexually aroused.

A half a dozen oysters every week will already do the trick. Just remember not to consume too much of these exquisite edibles if you’re trying to regulate your sodium or blood pressure levels.

Sweat it out regularly.

Making exercise a part of your daily schedule helps keep blood flow excellent. Aside from helping you “rise up to the occasion” almost immediately, your body won’t also have a tough time replacing and rejuvenating cells and tissues that have become damaged.

Working out for at least 15 minutes every day is already a smart goal to keep your body and sex drive in the pink. Scientific research also shows that men who exercise daily don’t just look good, but also won’t be losing their breath easily during lovemaking.

Have a bite of dark chocolate.

There are natural chemicals found in chocolate that help release endorphins or happy hormones in the brain. These hormones do not just help improve the mood, but also make achieving a stable erection almost effortless. Plus, they taste really nice as well.

Just remember not to load up on too much chocolate since it can make you pack a few extra pounds if you’re not very careful. Having a couple of bars each week will already get the job done.

Drink a glass of red wine.

Red wine contains a very special antioxidant called resveratrol. This not just helps the heart stay healthy, but also excites the hormones that lead to sexual arousal. Make sure you only enjoy a single glass since having too much can easily lead to problems getting an erection and maintaining it long enough to make sexual intercourse possible.