4 Simple Tricks To Make Convincing Your Lover To Have Sex Easier

Things getting rather dull between the sheets lately? Use these pointers to make things right again.

Things getting rather dull between the sheets lately? Use these pointers to make things right again.

There’s no need to worry just yet if you notice that your lover isn’t that excited to get into bed with you nowadays.

Sure she may have rejected your advances one too many times when you get frisky between the sheets, but there are simple tricks you can use to bring back her sex drive up to par in no time.

Make sure you follow along to learn what these tricks are so you can start using them to make things hot in the bedroom again…

Pay closer attention to your hygiene.

Women are simply sticklers for good hygiene. When it comes to building up your lover’s sexual arousal, you need to give her the right visual and nasal cues to really get her going. If your partner thinks you’re simply getting sloppy with how you look and smell, then you can expect to have sexless days and nights sooner than you expect.

Make it a point to take regular showers and use deodorant daily. Keep in mind to brush and floss your teeth while at it, too. Besides giving your lover the look and smell she wants to help her get ready for sex, good oral care also ensures that you won’t be suffering from erectile dysfunction anytime soon.

Know when her mood is the brightest.

Mood plays a very important role in getting a woman sexually aroused. Unless she’s feeling really comfortable and relaxed, chances are you won’t get her ready for lovemaking no matter how hard you try.

Take time to know when your lover is at her perkiest during the day (or night) because this is usually the time when endorphins or happy hormones are released in her brain. The happier or more relaxed she feels, the easier it will be for you to get her libido going.

Make her laugh.

Laughter is not just the best medicine. It’s also the best tool you can use to get your lover fired up between the sheets because it gets rid of the stress hormone, cortisol, which is the main culprit for mood swings among women.

Share your newest jokes. Send her funny pictures via her mobile phone. Tell her your best one liners. Simply make your lover feel that you’re doing everything you can to make her laugh her heart out.

And if you keep playing your cards right, you’re sure to get her out of her clothes quickly.

Pump up her adrenaline.

A woman experiencing an adrenaline rush has elevated blood pressure levels and can be more sensitive to touch and other tactile feelings. Interestingly, they’re pretty much the same signs when she’s getting sexually aroused as well.

Find ways how you can pump up your lover’s adrenaline levels and use it to your advantage to get her going for sex. Whether it’s a day hike to the mountains or a thrilling skydive, you’re guaranteed to easily have her looking forward for sexy time in the process.

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