Essentials You Should Always Have To Make Massages Amazing

Make your next massage a sure hit with these essentials...

Make your next massage a sure hit with these essentials…

Now while this may sound surprising, giving your lover an amazing massage isn’t all about knowing how to work your fingertips all over her body.

Having an idea of the things you should get your hands on before you get into action is also a priority.

So if you’re looking to make your next massage unforgettable for your partner, here are the essentials you need to have to get the job done as successfully as you can…

Fragrant oils.

The sense of smell is an important factor when it comes to really making a woman enjoy a massage. Apart from activating receptors in her brain that allows to be more relaxed than usual, your lover will also find it more erotic to be caressed and stroked all over while experiencing a fragrance she finds pleasant.

Although there are countless fragrant oils you can use for your massage, make sure you try jasmine and chamomile. These two don’t just have a soothing scent, but also have that extra zing that make your lover more sensitive to your touch.

A smooth playlist.

Nothing beats smooth music when it comes to making your lover get into the mood easier the next time you give her a massage. Simply putting on a jazz record or a compilation of your favorite instrumentals will already help you pull it off.

Asking her what tunes she likes is also a good idea. Keep in mind to cancel out ambient sounds like the TV set left switched on or pets scurrying around the house to get the best results. Dim the lights, press play and you’re in business.


There’s something about candles that women find romantic and irresistible. Make it a point to grab a few the next time you’re giving your lover a massage. Even better if you can get your hands on scented ones. Just make sure that you place them on a stable surface with no flammable stuff nearby.

Light them approximately 6 to 8 minutes before you start your massage to allow the candles to burn brightly and diffuse their aromas evenly if they are scented.

Hot towels.

Hot towels aren’t just used to help your lover loosen up her muscles. They can also awaken the nerve endings that you’ll come across sooner or later when you stroke your fingertips all over your lover’s body.

They’re not as tricky to prep up like you thought, too. Just boil water and put it in a basin. Soak a couple of towels in it and allow to stand for at least 10 minutes before using.

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