3 Reasons Why Your Lover Isn’t As Interested In Sex As Before

Get your lover going in bed every time with these pointers...

These are the reasons why she’s not interested in getting between the sheets with you…

If you’re noticing that your lover is not in the mood for action between the sheets lately, there’s no need to worry just yet that she has already lost all interest in sex.

You simply need to look into a few things that probably cause why she’s not the feeling the sexual groove that much these days.

So if you still don’t have the slightest clue where to start, here are some useful pointers to help you get the job done in no time…

Your hygiene is getting poor.

A lot of guys simply feel all too familiar with their lovers at some point that they completely become rather sloppy with their hygiene. They don’t exert as much effort as they did before when it comes to looking and smelling good.

You see women are very particular with visual and nasal cues to get sexually aroused. If your lover thinks that you’re not simply trying hard enough, she may feel not that eager to jump in bed with you no matter how hard you try.

Make sure you take regular showers and splash on deodorant daily. Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day, too. You can even take it up a notch by spritzing with a scent she likes.

You always do the same things in bed.

Variety is another thing you have to keep an eye on to maintain your lover’s interest in sex. Simply doing the same sexual positions and techniques over and over can be a bit dull and boring eventually. Make it a point to change things up a bit from time to time.

From the way you normally do foreplay and oral sex, to lovemaking positions as well as other things in between, try not to stick to just one. Expand your horizons every day to really keep her wanting to get things spicy in the bedroom.

You don’t turn her on enough.

Women have to be fully sexually aroused before they can really enjoy lovemaking. If you just go right ahead doing the need without even first making sure that your lover is hot and ready, she’ll eventually feel that sex with you isn’t going to be the least enjoyable.

Make sure that you warm her up nice and easy before doing any sexual penetration. Besides having the possibility of hurting your lover inadvertently, she’ll have the impression that you are selfish in bed and won’t be that excited to have a lovemaking session with you sooner or later.

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