5 Grooming Tips That You Should Always Keep In Mind

Here are 5 manly grooming tips that you should always keep in mind..

Here are 5 manly grooming tips that you should always keep in mind..

Good grooming is not just something you do to look great and help you attract women.

It’s also something you need to do to feel great.

However, a lot of guys still find it tough to pick the ways they should spruce themselves up because they’re afraid that they’ll end up looking too feminine. When it comes to manly grooming though, here are the 5 things that you should always keep in mind…

Brush and floss daily.

Nothing beats having a fresh breath and a great smile to get a woman’s attention. Make it a point to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day to get rid of the food that may have stuck between them as well as prevent tooth decay and plaque build-up. Gargling with mouthwash regularly also keeps bad breath at bay longer.

Trim your nose and ear hairs.

No matter how much you think they’re inconspicuous, women will notice your overgrown ear and nose hairs. They will continue to do so until you’ve taken care of them. Now while you can easily drop by your barber to have your nose and ear hairs trimmed, you can also deal with them yourself by getting your hands on clippers that are specially made for the job.

Take regular showers and use deodorant.

Women are very partial to the nasal cues that a man gives off. In layman’s terms, it simply means that if you don’t smell good, a woman may think that you’re just a waste of time. Keep bad odors at bay by making showers a mainstay in your schedule. Use deodorant while you’re at it, too. Just to take it up a notch, spritz a squirt or two of your favorite cologne or perfume to really get her attention.

Trim your fingernails.

Giving your fingernails adequate attention is a must if you’re looking to give a positive impression to women. Apart from getting rid of dirt and grime under your nails that can be loaded with germs and other nasty things, clean fingernails also translate to a woman’s perspective as a sign that you’re classy, responsible and have a keen sense to detail.

Remove your back hair.

Now while beards and chest hairs can be seen by women as a symbol of masculinity and sexiness, the fuzz on your back isn’t as attractive to them. Make sure you remove them meticulously from time to time to avoid looking like a wayward bear who got lost from the woods.

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