3 Erogenous Zones You’re Probably Missing Out On

There are actually erogenous zones that a lot of men don't know about.

There are actually erogenous zones that a lot of men don’t know about.

Sexually arousing your lover isn’t something that you can do instantly. Warming her up for a lovemaking session significantly involves knowing how to stimulate her erogenous zones properly.

Now while a lot of guys think that the breasts, inner thighs and clitoris are the usual body parts to focus on during foreplay to really get their lovers going, there are actually uncommon erogenous zones in a woman’s body that can help you take her sexual excitement up a notch.

Give the following body parts the attention they deserve the next time things get hot in the bedroom and you’re sure to fire up your lover sexually quicker than you think…

Firstly, make it a point to lightly massage her scalp.

Although this may sound surprising, the scalp is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body and is as receptive to stimulation as the clitoris and the breasts. The scalp is so packed with nerve endings that your lover can easily feel a pleasurable sensation with the slightest of caresses and strokes.

The next time you get frisky in the bedroom, stimulate your partner’s scalp as if you were shampooing her hair. Try to cover as much area as possible with your fingertips by caressing it gently. Vary the pressure and movements you make to give her as much different sensations as you can.

Secondly, have her feet on the erogenous zone checklist.

Medical researchers claim that there are pressure points along women’s feet that can possibly make them become sexually aroused if stimulated the right way. So if you’re planning to successfully warm up your lover for sex, make sure that you give her feet a royal treatment.

There are many ways you can pull this off. Besides giving her an unforgettable foot massage, you can also wash her feet like they do in a spa. Interestingly, lightly tickling your lover’s soles not only makes her feel playful but can also trigger her sexual arousal.

Thirdly, give her mons a good stimulation.

Now while the term may sound a bit complicated at first, the mons is actually the mound of flesh over the vagina where pubic hair grows. And like its neighbors, the vagina and clitoris, the mons is also loaded with nerve endings that makes it one of the most sensitive erogenous zones in a woman’s body.

Like stimulating the clitoris, give the mons a proper licking and caressing the next time you go down on your lover. Just remember to be extra gentle as you go along since you can potentially hurt your partner unexpectedly when you go too hard.

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