5 Ways That Will Help You Become More Confident Around Attractive Women

Improve your confidence around women with these surefire tips.

Improve your confidence around women with these surefire tips.

As the popular maxim goes, “with confidence, you have already won before you started.” Well, the only problem is that the attribute of being self-assured around women doesn’t come natural to most men. If you’re looking to boost your confidence around the members of the opposite sex, here are 5 tips that will help you do just that:

Start by looking and smelling like a debonair.

Believe it or not, knowing that you smell and look nice instantly boosts your self-confidence around women. Make it a point to prep carefully when you go out for a social event and you’ll be surprised how much your disposition will change for the better. Plus, women naturally have a soft spot for men who have inviting visual and nasal cues.

Don’t even think about comparing yourself to another man.

While men tend to be very competitive with each other (especially around women), never even let the idea of comparing yourself to other gents get to you if you’re aiming to become more confident around pretty girls. It really doesn’t matter if the other guy is taller or is more well-endowed in the financial department. Impressing a woman you fancy is all about showing her why you’re a hot commodity and that won’t be a problem if you just demonstrate a cool composure the whole time.

Plan ahead.

Having a strategy how you will impress the ladies before actually meeting them is a good way to be more confident around the members of the opposite sex. Whether you’re loading up on interesting stories that will brighten up even the most trivial discussions or perhaps learning a magic trick or two, you’ll definitely feel more self-assured when you get into action.

Stay positive.

Thinking that something wrong will happen even before you interact with women will almost always lead to disaster. Apart from increasing your chances of having an anxiety attack in the process, you’ll also have problems behaving properly around them if you’re anticipating that an untoward event will occur unexpectedly. Just stay cool and you’ll be okay.

Practice being confident.

Confidence shouldn’t be just demonstrated when you’re around attractive women. Make it a point to show other people how self-assured you are whenever you can. Remember to wave to your neighbors when they pass by. Smile at the people you meet on the street. Make friends with the waiter serving you for lunch. In time, you’ll just be surprised how naturally confident you are already. (Why not seal the deal by learning how to ask the girl of your dreams for a date the right way?)

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