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This article will surely "keep you abreast" of how to get the job done with ease.

This article will surely “keep you abreast” of how to get the job done with ease.

The breasts are perhaps one of the most mysterious parts of the female anatomy. For centuries, we seem to be infatuated with them from the moment we were born to the day we reach the sunset of our lives.

If you’re looking to up the ante on your breast stimulation skills, then this is the place to be. I will show you a few tips that will definitely get the job done for you.

Her comfort is your number one priority.

Don’t just start licking or caressing her breasts as soon as things get steamy in the bedroom. Make it a point that she is in a very comfortable position before you get into action to ensure that the mood won’t be ruined anytime soon when she feels a crick or a sore spot along the way. Don’t scrimp on the pillows and remember to keep the bed as cozy as you can in the process as well.

Multitasking is the way to go.

Stimulating your wife’s or girlfriend’s breasts from all directions is absolutely the best option you can go for to make her putty in your hands in no time at all. It’s not enough that you just kiss or tease one breast and leave one idle. Pleasure the both of them from all directions at once and she’ll be begging for mercy after a few minutes. Just keep your mouth and the both of your arms busy at all times and you’re good to go. (Make sure you check out these top-notch kissing tips to make the experience even more sizzling.)

Don’t get carried away.

Starting out gently and keeping it that way until you take your lovemaking session to a whole new level is key to stimulating your partner’s breasts successfully. While it is recommended to apply a consistent amount of pressure to the nipples and around the area of the areola using your lips and tongue, ease up a bit when you feel her pulling away even so slightly. Keep abreast of her body language (pun intended) and you’re guaranteed to keep her on her toes while at it.

Let her guide you.

When in doubt, ask her how she wants her breasts to be stimulated. Although taking the lead when it comes to sex is a turn on for most women, letting her call the shots when you pleasure her boobs is an advantage when you’ve already used all the tricks in the book. You will never know when you’ll whip out the whipped cream and other kinky stuff, too.

Make the girl of your dreams chase you with these tips.

Make the girl of your dreams chase you with these tips.

Sure most so-called online sex gurus claim that successfully seducing a woman is a very complicated subject. However, every man can get the job done with ease if they just have the right pointers to guide them. If you’re aiming to take your seduction know-how up a notch, then you’ve come to the right place. I just have the top-notch tips to help you get started as soon as you finish checking out this article.

Know your enemy.

Having the ability to think like the woman you are trying to seduce is an advantage that’s guaranteed to get you lucky sooner or later. Make it a point to learn the things that turn her on and use them to your advantage the next time you take her out. Give her the notion that you are the dreamiest guy she has ever met and chances are she won’t be that shy to sleep with you anytime soon.

Show her how confident you are.

Members of the opposite sex find confidence as one of the sexiest traits ever. If you’re looking to seduce the girl of your dreams, you have to demonstrate how self-confident you are at all times to achieve the best results. Make it a point to greet waiters like you’ve known them for years and smile at people you meet when you go out on a date. A word of caution though: don’t overdo the whole confidence thing or else you might give her the wrong message in the process, or “looking like a jerk” in other words. Just keep it cool and you’re good to go.

Use reverse psychology.

A woman unconsciously shows that she’s interested in you when she is already the one initiating physical contact while you are together. Be it a slight tap on the wrist or a fleeting touch on your shoulder, it’s your cue that she’s ready to take things to a whole new level. The best way to use it to your seduction advantage? Don’t take this as a go signal that she’s willing to have sex with you. Use reverse psychology and make it look like you’re just taking things slow and easy. Next thing you know, she’s the one leading you to bed.

Thrill her.

Here’s one for adrenaline junkies. Scientific research shows that women seem to become more sexually attracted to a man when they go through an exciting experience together like negotiating hairpin curves in a fast car or crossing a wobbling rope bridge. If you’ve always wanted to get her in bed with you, make your dates more thrilling as soon as you can and get ready for some steamy action in the bedroom!


These tips are sure to make you lucky in bed with your girlfriend in the soonest time.

These tips are sure to make you lucky in bed with your girlfriend in the soonest time.

If you think you’ve heard “I’m not just in the mood” or “I’ve got a headache” from your girlfriend more times than you’d care to mention, you are not alone. Apart from showing you a few tricks that are guaranteed to make her hot and ready for some serious lovemaking, I will also throw in a tip that will surely take your sex sessions to a whole new level. Make sure you give the following pointers a browse right away.

Be her Casanova.

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean that she’ll want to have sex with you every single time you’ve got a case of the bedroom itch. Building her sexual excitement is a must if you want her to make sex a regular event in her calendar rather than a once-in-a-blue-moon event. Send her romantic text messages. Call her at the office just to say sweet nothings. Do the things you did for her when you were still dating. Next thing you know, she’ll be the one leading you to bed.

Look and smell like a million bucks.

If you don’t look and smell the part, your chances of getting some are certainly close to nil. Women are most sensitive when it comes to visual and nasal stimuli. This means that you have to look and smell good when you’re looking to get between the sheets with your lady. Make sure you take regular showers. Use deodorant. Shave off that stubble. Brush your teeth and get ready for action.

Treat her like a lady.

Just because you’re in a relationship it doesn’t mean that you can just grope your girlfriend all over when you want to get laid. Your girlfriend doesn’t have a launch button that instantly turns her into a sex machine if touched. Groping her breasts or butt when she’s not looking won’t only make her upset but will also fizzle out your chances of having a romp in the bedroom in a snap. Show her some respect at all times!

Take your sex playbook up a notch.

Doing the same things again and again can be very boring and tiresome. If you still haven’t upgraded your sexual playbook for some time now, you need it to do it as soon as you can. Explore new positions. Read books. Fire up your browser and get your hands on sexy information. Key in “sex techniques” in your search engine bar and you’re good to go. Plus, make sure you learn the secrets of how to last longer in bed right away to make the experience even more worthwhile.

Warming her up for a sex session won't be a fuss if you check out these sizzling tips.

Warming her up for a sex session won’t be a fuss if you check out these sizzling tips.

Fully arousing your wife or girlfriend sexually is a prerequisite if you want to get some steamy bedroom action anytime soon. If you’re looking to expand your repertoire of sexual arousal techniques, then this is the place to be. Make sure you check out the rest of this article right now to find out how you can get the job done in no time at all.

Look and smell like a debonair.

When it comes to sexual arousal, women are very much sensitive to visual and nasal cues to get their naughty side going. Smelling and looking nice not only makes you an inviting target for a hot lovemaking session but it also boosts your self-confidence in the process. This doesn’t mean that you should wear a three-piece suit each day or blow your bank account on ridiculously expensive perfumes. Just make sure you dress well and maintain your hygiene and you’re already halfway there.

Brush up on your massaging skills.

While this may sound unbelievable, you can use your sense of touch to take your partner’s sexual arousal levels off the charts if you know how. Stimulating your wife’s or girlfriend’s erogenous zones like her nape, inner thighs, breasts, back of the ears and neck with your fingertips won’t just heat her up easily but will surely lead to more things to come (pun intended) in a short while. Remember to keep it slow and easy so she won’t feel rushed in any way and ruin the mood.

Have a couple of erotic videos handy.

While men can be sexually aroused just by seeing something rather provocative, the same effect can be achieved with women if you provide the right viewing materials at the right time. Sure she may not be that interested with porn as you are but if you show her an XXX clip while you two are getting ready for bed, you can bet that sleep won’t be the first thing on her mind a few minutes after.

Keep her on her toes.

Nothing beats anticipation when the female sexual arousal is concerned. Women almost always expect men to zero in on getting in their pants as soon as the opportunity presents itself and this is where you change the game. If you find yourself in a sexy situation with your wife or girlfriend, keep in mind to make her wait. Stall for time kissing her, taking her top off and just do things that build up the sexual tension even further. Chances are she’ll be the one undressing you when she gets impatient. (Now’s your cue to brush up on your Kegels mastery to avoid disappointing her when you get into action in bed.)