What You Really Ought to Know About Giving Her Exceptional Oral Sex

Oral sex is not as complicated as you think. Learn the secrets of how to get the job done when you read this.

Oral sex is not as complicated as you think. Learn the secrets of how to get the job done when you read this.

When it comes to taking your sexual relationship with your wife or girlfriend to a whole new level, nothing beats sharpening your oral sex skills.

If you’re looking to wow her the next time you’re getting some action in the bedroom, here are a few superb pointers that are guaranteed to give her the mind-shattering orgasms she’s always wanted in no time at all:

The right mindset is key. How you view oral sex can greatly affect your performance when you go down on your wife or girlfriend. You are most likely going to botch the whole thing up if you see it as a burden you have to go through just to penetrate your partner. Just think of oral sex as laying the groundwork for good things to come (pun intended) and you’re good to go.

Kick things off slowly. Oral sex is not about zeroing in on your partner’s vagina and clitoris as soon as you can. Before making any contact with any part of her genitalia, you have to tease and caress your way down her body and other erogenous zones to work her up for the main event. Keep in mind not to rush things or else your wife or girlfriend will feel rather uncomfortable in the process and you’re running the risk of ruining the mood (and even prevent her from cheating anytime soon.)

Call the shots. Sure she may be on the receiving end of the whole oral sex thing but always remember that you are the one running the show. Having your partner reach a mind-blowing orgasm is all about denying her what she wants until the last possible moment. Slow down when your partner wants you to go faster and do the exact opposite when she wants you to ease things up. Exert full control over her and she will absolutely be putty in your hands. Have earplugs ready, too, in case she can’t stop screaming for mercy.

Keep an eye on her body language. If you’re still having a tough time figuring out if your wife or girlfriend is enjoying your oral adventure, better watch closely how she reacts when you’re pleasuring her nether regions. Compare how her hips gyrate when you lick and kiss her clitoris and vagina. Does she like it soft and gentle or firm and hard? Make it a point to mix things up as you go to discover the way she likes it best.

Get your groove on. Unlike what most men believe, oral sex is not about how hard and fast you can flick your tongue on her private parts but rather how you can maintain a consistent rhythm from start to finish. Experts say that the most effective technique to fully stimulate the thousands of very sensitive nerve endings in the clitoris is by doing steady strokes no matter what happens. So make sure you keep it cool even if she thrashes like an ecstatic wildcat while you’re at it.

Communicate with your partner. Nothing beats asking your wife or girlfriend how she likes it before you head south to give her an unforgettable round of oral sex. Your partner might like it a bit rough or she might have other erogenous zones she wants to be stimulated first to get her off when you get to her genitals. Keep in mind to do it before you give her oral sex because it’s rude to talk when your mouth is full!


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