The 4 Secrets of Winning Back Your Ex-Girlfriend

Winning back the girl of your dreams is not as tough as you think. Here are things you need to take note of to get the job done.

Winning back the girl of your dreams is not as tough as you think. Here are things you need to take note of to get the job done.

I won’t lie to you. It’s no secret that winning back an old flame is one of the toughest things to do, but if you play your cards right pulling it off successfully is not an impossible feat either.

If you’re still zeroing in on the best tips to get back with your ex-girlfriend, then this is the place to be. I will show you a few pointers that just might do the trick when you give the rest of this article a thorough read-through.

Desperation is your number one enemy.

Showing your ex-girlfriend that you are too desperate to get back with her is the best way to, well, look repulsive to her more than ever and botch the whole thing up. No matter how much you want to be with her again, maintaining your dignity above all else is the best way to go to rekindle the fires of passion.

Instead of grovelling and whining for her to take you back (which is absolutely one of the most annoying things you can do to your ex-girlfriend), applying a bit of reverse psychology is a much smarter strategy. Make her miss you. It’s a great way to gauge if she still has feelings for you. If she initiates contact first, you know you’re back in business.

Use the relationship downtime to do some soul searching.

Surely you must have done something really terrible if your ex-girlfriend broke up with you. Before convincing her that you should get back together, coming clean and admitting that you were wrong should be on top of your list. Now is the time to reflect your half of the relationship as well.

How were you as a boyfriend? Did you give her the attention and desire that she deserved when you were still a couple? When was the last time you told your ex-girlfriend how much you loved and cherished her? Make it a point to jot down all of your shortcomings in one nifty list and use it as a guide if she does give you another chance. Believe me, the results will be very amazing.

Hone your lovemaking skills.

Perhaps she’s missing out a lot in the bedroom that’s why she left you. How many times can you honestly say that you’ve made her reach the point of no return when you made love? Did you give her the oral sex she’s always wanted? How long did you last in the bedroom?

Acknowledging that you may have messed up the sexual factor of your relationship is an important step in understanding why she left you. It goes to show that if she’s still not having the satisfaction she deserves in the bedroom when she gives you another opportunity to be her boyfriend, there’s a big possibility that you could lose her again anytime soon.

Improve your communication skills.

Women value communication as one of the most significant components of a romantic relationship. How many times did you have a chat with your girlfriend when you were still together? Did you whisper sweet nothings to her ear regularly? Do you talk to her other than asking for a sex?

Make it a point to become more open and communicative with her when she does get back with you and you’ll be surprised how much difference it makes. Doing so also makes smoothing out any problems and similar obstacles in your relationship easy as pie. Pro-tip: emails and text messages aren’t considered “meaningful communication” by mnay women’s standards so strive to do speak more personally.

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