How to Improve Your Sexual Stamina Effectively (and 100% Naturally)

Wow your partner the next time you make love with these naturally effective sexual stamina boosters.

Wow your partner the next time you make love with these naturally effective sexual stamina boosters.

If you’ve ever wondered why your wife or girlfriend isn’t that enthusiastic to get between the sheets with you any more, perhaps it’s high time you improved your sexual stamina.

While most men think that successfully doing just that requires medication and similar artificial means, I’ll show you totally natural effective ways to take your sexual stamina up a notch when you give the following pointers a browse right away:

Masturbate more often. Going solo is a great way to gauge your sexual arousal levels and even gives you an idea when you are most likely to reach orgasm and ejaculate. Apart from helping you get to know your sensitivity better you’ll definitely have a fun time in the process as well. How’s that for hitting two birds with one stone?

Make foreplay a star in your sex playbook. Giving attention to your partner’s erogenous zones should not be seen as a prelude to intercourse but as a major lovemaking component. Foreplay won’t just help you take some of the sexual edge off that could lead to premature ejaculation but will also make her reach the point of no return over and over again. Be sure to check out these G-spot stimulation techniques to find out how it’s done.

Have the right mindset. Obsessing over the thought that you’ll come a tad too quickly is a surefire recipe for premature ejaculation. Thinking about baseball or some other non-sexual thought can also lead to decreased intensity in bed and erectile dysfunction if overdone as well. Prioritize your wife’s or girlfriend’s satisfaction the next time you do the deed and you’ll be surprised how much longer you’ll last.

Put on your running shoes. Exercising half an hour a day for at least three times a week won’t just do wonders for your heart and muscles but will also prolong your endurance when going for a roll in the hay with your partner. Moreover, sweating it out regularly keeps depression and stress at bay that could give you problems getting an erection when you need it, too.

Embrace a healthy lifestyle. Indulging in too much alcohol and tobacco can hamper your chances of giving your wife or girlfriend the sexual satisfaction she deserves. Besides constricting the blood vessels that help you “rise to the occasion,” smoking and drinking heavily can also lead to severe health problems in the long run. While enjoying a glass of your favorite wine or brew daily is alright, smoking should definitely be off your list as soon as you can.

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