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Ever wished you could figure out what women REALLY thought about premature ejaculation?  Then read on…

I’ve written about this before in my post called Women’s Perspective On Premature Ejaculation, but today I want to take a different look at it.

And before I tell you what women truly think of premature ejaculation I want you to think about the answer to the age old question “what do women want?”

You see, as men we walk around all day living life through our own perspective and interpreting the actions of women through our own logic.

But the fact is that if you want to understand women then you can’t possibly hope to do that by projecting yourself onto them.

You have to get INSIDE their head.

And until then you’ll never be able to answer the question “what do women truly think of premature ejaculation?”

So how do you get inside their head?


Go through some information written by women for women.

For example, go check out the Cosmopolitan website and read all the advice targeted for women.

After reading at least 10 of those articles or so your whole perspective of women will TRANSFORM.

You’ll never think about what “she’s thinking” the same way again.

But more importantly…

How does this relate to what women truly think of premature ejaculation?

Well, after you’ve really taken the time to understand women you’ll get this when I say this…

“Women don’t care about premature ejaculation as long as they feel 100% loved”

As dumb and as simple as it sounds if you can cut through all the B.S. and just express love and caring for her then she couldn’t care less if you don’t last long, because all she really wants is to feel loved.

But you have to mean it 100%.

(By the way – if you’re not at that stage in a relationship yet where you love each other then just focus on showing appreciation for her on a deep level)

You see, when a woman really feels loved (or appreciated) you’ll get an incredible reaction out of her.  And when you know you’re getting this great positive reaction out of her not only will she not care if you don’t last long, but chances are you’ll suddenly find yourself lasting longer anyway because you’ll feel a lot more confident and a lot less nervous (which are ESSENTIAL for lasting longer).

So if you want to make your woman happy then a great place to start is by showing her unconditional love and appreciation.

But if while showing her this love you ALSO want to last longer in bed then come check out this article now containing 3 premature ejaculation cures.

And drop me a comment below to show me you’re alive!

Man worrying about premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation bothers a lot of men

If you’ve ever experienced premature ejaculation I’m sure you’ve wondered “why the heck is this happening?!”  Well, here’s why…

Premature ejaculation happens any time you go to have sex and you orgasm quicker than you would like to.

Some people like to put a specific time to it and say that 5 minutes or less is premature. But the fact is that it’s really down to what you (and the woman you’re with) feel is premature, and it just so happens the UK’s NHS agree with me on this in their article on Ejaculation Problems.

But the real question is – why does it happen?

Well there are many theories, but the bottom line is that premature ejaculation happens when you get too excited and over­-stimulated during sex.

Enjoying sex is amazing and I’m 100% for that, but if you get so mega-excited that you lose all physical control, then there’s little you can do to avoid blowing early.

So you’ve got to find the balance between excitement and control.

And the truth is you can have both in massive amounts.

It’s all about learning when to pull back your excitement so you can the long-term satisfaction and enjoyment of long lasting sex.

So to answer the original question “what is premature ejaculation?”

It’s really your body’s response to intense over-stimulation and excitement.

It happens when your body (and mind) experience so much physical pleasure that the only reasonable way for it to respond is with orgasm.

So if you want to last longer in bed you’ve got to learn to take control of the stimulation you experience during sex so you can enjoy fulfilling long lasting love making.

And if you want some dead simple strategies on how to do this, then check out this article on How To Last Longer In Bed.

Happy couple

Changing Sex Position Is A Simple Tactic For Lasting Longer

Here’s a dead simple tactic to last longer in bed that you might not have thought of before…

So as you probably know orgasms don’t just happen out of nowhere.

There has to be a cause in order for there to be an effect (you orgasming).

And the primary cause of you orgasming is physical stimulation.

So the more physical stimulation you get – the quicker you orgasm.

Pretty simple really.

Now there are a few other nuances to lasting longer in bed, but this point is a big one, because the fact remains that the more intense the physical stimulation you experience the quicker you will orgasm.

And how does this all relate to sex position changes?

Well, you can use sex position changes tactically to temporarily reduce your physical stimulation.

And since the amount of physical stimulation you experience is linked to how quickly you orgasm, by reducing your stimulation you can last longer.

So next time you feel like you’re getting close to orgasm…

Just change positions.

The chances are you’ll find that just by changing positions you’ll get a little break from stimulation so you can last longer.

And if you time your position changes well, that small break in stimulation can do a LOT to help you last longer.

It’s really that simple.

Now of course this won’t solve premature ejaculation overnight, but what it is – is another useful tip which when used in combination with others can help you last significantly longer in bed.

And if you want to learn some more “instant-use” tips then check out this article called How Can I Last Longer Tonight?

The PC muscle is probably THE most important muscle you need know how to use when it comes to sex.  Ignore this knowledge at your peril…

Now if you don’t already know, the PC muscle, officially known as the Pubococcygeus muscle, is found in the genital area.

The easiest way to identify it is as the muscle you can use to stop the urine flow while urinating.

You’ll find it roughly at the base of your penis just above the anus, but if you want to see a diagram then feel free to check out Wikipedia’s own detailed description of the PC Muscle.

Now the point of this post isn’t to give you some detailed explanation as to what the PC muscle is.

The point is to show you how to use it to last SIGNIFICANTLY longer in bed.

You see, just as you can use the PC muscle to stop your urine flow, you can also train it to stop ejaculation.

In fact, with the right training, not only can you prevent unwanted ejaculation, but you can also experience an ejaculation-free orgasm as well.

So if after a few minutes (or less) of sex you find yourself about to orgasm… Don’t worry.

All you need to do is use your PC muscle to stop your ejaculation and what will happen is you will maintain your erection so you can keep on having sex for anywhere between 1 to 15 minutes (depending on how well you used your PC muscle) before you’ll experience the need to orgasm again.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Well it’s a little difficult to fully explain in words, which is why I wanted show you this video explaining it in detail…

Oh, and if you want to learn the best methods for exercising your PC muscle (which, by the way, is essential if you’re going to make it strong enough to stop ejaculation) then click the following link to view my article on PC Muscle Exercises.