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These tips will help you get more BJ's from her.

These tips will help you get more BJ’s from her.

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are you’d like to have as much oral action from your lover as possible.

However, you’re simply noticing that she’s not going down on you like she used to these days.

And it’s already getting you worried that you may be losing your touch in terms of making her explore south of your border.

There’s no need to worry just yet, though. I’ve come across a few simple pointers that may just help increase your chances to convince your partner to give you more BJ’s.

Let me explain what I mean…

Ask her nicely.

I know this sounds really simplistic right now, but a lot of men seem to overlook the fact that they’re getting somewhat bossy when they’re hankering for some oral action.

Make it a point to always ask her as nice as you can when you’re looking to make her play your skin flute when you’re already at in between the sheets.

Besides making her feel that you really respect her, asking her nicely also staves off a surge in stress hormones in her body that will kill her sexual mood.

Knock her socks off when you go down on her.

If you’re gunning to make her go down on you as much as possible, giving her a mind-blowing oral sex session yourself each time you’re getting busy south of her border is definitely a priority.

(While we’re on the subject, here’s a useful oral sex pointer you need to keep in mind when you’re already working your magic down there.)

When she gets the notion that you’re always pulling out all the stops to give her an awesome time when you give her cunnilingus, she will more than happy to return the favor before you know it.

Get her imagination in gear.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think, convincing a woman to give you head mostly involved luck.

It’s either she’s going to blow you if you’re lucky or not.

But the thing is the possibility that she’s going to “open wide for Chunky” becomes much higher if you make her imagination run wild.

See, the more fired up for sex a woman is, the more adventurous she will become in the bedroom.

Don’t see cunnilingus as a burden.

Some men tend to be very obvious when it comes to showing that they think of giving their partners oral sex as tedious work.

You’ll only make her feel annoyed and taken for granted when you do this. Always remember that giving awesome oral sex is a two-way street.

Always avoid these anal sex mistakes!

Always avoid these anal sex mistakes!

So you’ve finally convinced your lover to have anal sex with you…

Now while you already have a general idea of how to do it, a lot of men mistakenly believe that pulling the whole thing off is simply about making a beeline to her anus to sexually penetrate it.

Doing just that will only make your partner feel awkward and really uncomfortable. And you can already picture out how your anal sex session will turn out as you go along.

Interestingly, I’ve learned some key mistakes you need to avoid when you’re looking to give a woman an anal sex session she’ll like.

Let me explain what I mean…

Not getting her really fired up for lovemaking.

A woman’s sexual arousal level plays a key role when it comes to her anal sex enjoyment.

See, the hornier she is when you’re already at it in the bedroom, the more pleasurable the sensations she will experience when the action takes place.

Your lover will also be more game between the sheets when her sexual arousal is off the charts, too.

You don’t discuss it outside the bedroom.

Simply introducing the idea that you want to sexually penetrate your partner’s anus when you’re already heating things up in bed with her is just going to sap her mood for lovemaking.

This is because she’ll just feel that you’re making her do something she doesn’t want to, which can make her more anxious than sexually excited.

Besides making her feel uneasy, she won’t also be that adventurous in bed when her sexual arousal level takes a dive.

You have only a bit of lube.

Getting your hands on a lot of lube is a priority if you’re looking to make anal sex pleasurable for a woman.

See, the anus isn’t like the vagina that can produce its own natural lubrication. And if the former isn’t that well lubricated, the sensations that your lover will experience when you’re already getting busy in the backdoor are just going to be rough and sore.

Here’s a simple technique you can use to make sure if you’ve got enough lube for anal sex: picture out the ideal amount you think you’ll need, double it and you’re done.

You don’t go slow and easy.

Akin to the vagina, going fast and furious on the anus when you’re already sexually penetrating it is just going to lead to disaster.

Keep in mind to go at it slow and easy. Besides making the sensations she’s going to experience more intense, you also won’t be prone to coming way sooner than you’d like to in the process.


Keep these first date tips in mind to really dazzle her.

Keep these first date tips in mind to really dazzle her.

Acing a first isn’t something that you can pull off with some “secret technique” like what a lot of so-called “dating gurus” are suggesting.


But the thing is I’ve come across a number of useful pointers on how to boost your chances of doing just that during my extensive research into the female psychology.

So if you’re looking to really dazzle the woman you’re going out with on a first date, make sure you read on to learn more…

Keep an eye on your grooming.

I know this sounds simplistic right now, but not making your overall grooming a priority in your first date checklist is just going to lead to disaster before the whole thing even starts.

See, women are very particular with how you look and smell. If you arrive with a hastily prepared getup and a funky odor, she’s just going to feel anxious around you.

Let her in on the planning.

Sure the norm is men should be the ones taking care of a first date’s details, but you’ll have a bigger chance of making it successful if you ask her for her inputs.

Besides making her feel that you’re really into her, you’re also going to get in on some bits and pieces about her that you can use to earn some brownie points along the way.

Punctuality is essential.

I’ve learned during my research into the female psychology that one of the things that women find upsetting when they’re going on a first date is the guy showing up late.

This is because they get the notion that you’re irresponsible and have no time management skills, which get their stress levels going.

And you don’t want that to happen.

Ask trivial stuff.

Never try engaging a woman in a conversation with something that’s complicated just because you’re looking to give her the impression that you are smart.

You’ll be surprised with how much eager she’ll be to exchange ideas with you when you ask her something simple like what’s her favorite cartoon character is or perhaps what TV show she’s following these days.

Keep your hands out in the open.

According to a study, women tend to be more comfortable around guys who give them the notion that they’re open and honest.

One way of doing this is keeping your hands in full view most of the time since this gesture gives their subconscious that you’re not hiding anything from her.

Fingering do's you should keep in mind.

Fingering do’s you should keep in mind.

When it comes to sex, fingering your lover is definitely something you should have in your checklist.

It doesn’t just help you stave off premature ejaculation, but also gives you added control and variation when you’re already getting busy south of her border.

And when she’s experiencing loads and loads of pleasurable sensations while you’re at it, it won’t be that tricky to make her reach orgasm during the action.

How cool is that?

But the thing is a lot of men tend to overlook some key pointers that they need to have up their sleeve when they’re already fingering their partners. Let me explain what I mean…

Get her really fired up.

Unlike what you see in porn, fingering a woman isn’t about making a beeline for her vagina as soon as the action starts and stimulating her like there’s no tomorrow.

You need to get your lover really fired up for sex first before you get busy down under.

Besides making her wet down there, the vagina and clitoris needs to be activated properly before they can produce pleasurable sensations.

Clean your fingernails.

Sure the vagina may be capable of churning out loads of pleasurable sensations when it’s stimulated, but their performance can be disrupted when your fingernails are unkempt.

Apart from making her feel rough and sore, the gunk that can be under them can also pose a health risk to your partner in the process.

Make it a point to keep your fingernails trim and clean and you’re sure to give her an awesome experience.

Start at the sides.

Remember the time I told you about erogenous zones needing to be activated properly first before they can churn out pleasurable sensations?

Starting at the sides helps get the vagina going. And it’s going to give her a teasing effect on her, too.

Let her guide you.

Now while you may be the one doing most of the work when you’re fingering her, don’t overlook the fact that your partner is the one who can really give you directions on how to take her pleasure levels off the charts.

You’ll be surprised with the results when you let her call the shots, too.

Get a rhythm going.

Never stick to one style of stimulation when you’re fingering her. Make it a point to vary your techniques as you go along.

Apart from keeping her on her toes, you’re also going to cover a lot of sensitive nerve endings while at it.