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So you'd like to approach women more successfully...

So you’d like to approach women more successfully…

Imagine yourself chilling in a bar and you see this attractive woman that you’d like to know better.

Unlike what so-called “dating gurus” are recommending though, simply waltzing in her direction and making her feel that you’re the alpha male isn’t going to cut it.

So if you’re looking to approach women more successfully, here are a few easy ways to pull off just that…

Move toward her where she can see you.

Some men tend to overlook the fact that women will find it really creepy if they are approached from behind or from another direction that they are going to be blindsided.

This is because it gives them the notion that your intentions are rather questionable, which easily raises her anxiety levels.

No matter how much you took care of your grooming or perhaps fine-tuned your conversational cheat sheet, she won’t be that happy to see you or eager to exchange ideas with you when you do this.

Make it a point to always come close to her where she can see you from the side or from the front.

Do not ask permission to talk to her.

Although it may be the more gentlemanly way of approaching a woman, asking permission to talk to her easily puts you at a disadvantage.

Besides giving her the notion that you are at her mercy and she can say no to you right from the get go, it also makes her feel that you are not that confident about yourself, which is a big turn off among women.

You can kick things off by telling her your name and your favorite drink or some other trivial stuff about you.

Sure this may sound simplistic, but women are more comfortable with simple and trivial things. And the chances that you’re going to encourage her to talk are going to be much higher while at it, too.

Accentuate with gestures, but don’t be touchy-feely.

Now while it’s alright to make a point with gestures, keep in mind not to be touchy-feely in the process because this will only make a woman feel that you’re invading her privacy.

This triggers a rush of negative hormones in her body and you’re going to lose your chance right then and there.

A smarter option would be to wait for the woman you’re engaging to initiate the touching herself. Apart from signaling that she is starting to build rapport with you, it also means she is attracted to you.

Want to get more BJ's from her? Here are a few simple tips...

Want to get more BJ’s from her? Here are a few simple tips…

When it comes to sex, I’m pretty sure that getting a blowjob from your lover is one of the things that you’re always looking forward to.

However, you’re simply noticing that she’s not as eager to go down on you like she used to nowadays.

There’s no need to get anxious though or perhaps completely cross off blowjobs in your sexual checklist. I’ve learned a few tricks while extensively researching into the female sexuality that will help you fix this issue.

So without further ado, here are a few simple ways to get her want to explore south of your border again when things get hot in the bedroom.

Jazz up your personal hygiene.

Good grooming plays a very important role in convincing your lover to go down under during sex. If you keep in mind to make it a habit to look and smell good for her, chances are it won’t be that tricky to persuade her to get the oral action going.

And it’s just going to be the opposite when you neglect your hygiene like taking regular showers, brushing your teeth, slapping on some deodorant and letting your pubes go haywire down there.

Come to think of it. Put yourself in your lover’s shoes for a bit. Would you take the dive when things aren’t as desirable south of the border?

Don’t be bossy.

Now while being assertive and a take charge guy in the bedroom are attributes that can be a picker upper for women, overdoing the whole thing can easily disrupt your lover’s mood for sex.

Instead of feeling hot and excited, she will just feel that you’re rushing her into it and you’re simply in it for your own pleasure, which means your chances of getting a BJ will take a nosedive sooner than you think.

Make it a point to always be gentle and tender while you’re asking her to give her a blowjob.

Give her an oral sex session she won’t forget anytime soon.

Having a tough time to convince her to go down on you these days? There is a big possibility that you’re not giving her cunnilingus that knocks her socks off and it’s keeping her from really getting in action down there.

Always remember to wow her every time you go down on her and make her reach the Big O while at it. That will definitely get the job done in no time.

So you want to make your girlfriend feel more loved...

So you want to make your girlfriend feel more loved…

Making your girlfriend feel that you really love her is very important when it comes to maintaining the closeness and intimacy between the two of you.

Unless you make her feel this way, chances are you’re going to have problems in your relationship sooner or later. There’s also a very big possibility that your girlfriend will leave you before you know it.

But the thing is you can do more than just saying “I love you” to her in a regular basis as well as giving her flowers and chocolates. Make sure you follow along to find out a few unconventional ways to get the job done…

Send her sweet text messages.

Keeping in mind to take your text messages to a whole new level is one strategy that you can use to make your girlfriend really loved.

Instead of simply texting your girlfriend to ask where she is or how she’s doing, make it a point to tell her that you feel like you’re walking on the clouds when you see her smile or perhaps you feel tingly all over when you two kiss.

Sure this sounds rather simplistic right now, but these kind of text messages promote the release of positive hormones that make her happy and excited. (You can also use text messages to get her sexually aroused while at it.)

Cook for her.

You’ll be very surprised how much loved and cared for your girlfriend feels when you’re the one whipping up the dishes on your next date.

I’m not saying that you should have a crash course on cooking 5-star meals to pull this off. Learning how to cook can take a bit of time to perfect the whole thing. You can simply start by preparing tasty sandwiches, sundaes and beverages like smoothies and milkshakes will already do the trick.

Just be sure to move up to the more intricate recipes when you get the hang of it. Your girlfriend will definitely appreciate the effort.

Leave love notes in places where she will find them.

I know you think love notes are a bit passé, but they sure get the job done when you’re looking to make her feel warm and fuzzy all over.

They don’t have to be superbly written just to draw out the effect you’re hoping to achieve. Simply tell her how much you love her and how much you care for her when penning them and you’re already on the right track.

You can leave them in her drawer, purse or bag.

Here are a few simple pointers to make foreplay more pleasurable for her...

Here are a few simple pointers to make foreplay more pleasurable for her…

Foreplay plays a very important role when it comes to getting a woman ready for lovemaking and giving her the sexual satisfaction that she wants when the action starts between the sheets.

Now while I’m sure that you’ve already got a few mainstay foreplay tricks in your arsenal that you bring into play when things get extra steamy in the bedroom, here are a few simple pointers that will definitely make the whole even more awesome for your partner…

Foreplay Booster #1: Clean your bedroom.

Unlike guys that can get ready for lovemaking at the drop of a hat, women need to feel really relaxed and comfortable before they can get their freak on in bed.

Perhaps one of the most important factors a lot of men tend to overlook in terms of boosting a woman’s foreplay pleasure levels is the cleanliness of the bedroom where the sexy action will take place.

Simply make it a habit to clean and organize your bedroom regularly to pull this off. Besides picking up the pace on your partner’s sexual arousal, you’ll also give her a foreplay session she won’t forget anytime soon.

Foreplay Booster #2: Explore new erogenous zones.

Sure you may have already pinpointed her favorite erogenous zones when things get hot between the sheets, but stimulating them again and again will just reduce the pleasurable sensations that she’ll experience in the process.

Chances are you make a beeline for her breasts and clitoris when the action starts. However, there are a lot of other erogenous hot spots that you can focus on like the back of the neck, inner thighs, the lower abdomen as well as the mons pubis.

Foreplay Booster #3: Go painstakingly slow.

If you’re anything like most guys, I’m pretty sure that you are tempted to have a go at foreplay as fast and furious as you can.

Although this technique can still somehow give your partner pleasurable sensations, there is also a big possibility that she will feel rather uncomfortable as you go along. Make it a point to go as slow as you can.

Besides being a way to tease her, this will also promote a surge of positive hormones like dopamine and oxytocin that will really boost her chances of reaching the Big O sooner than you’d expect.

Foreplay Booster #4: Don’t stop.

This is perhaps  the most straightforward pointer here. When she asks you to stop what you’re doing, don’t. This just means that she’s already in the zone.