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So she's not that excited for action in bed anymore...

So she’s not that excited for action in bed anymore…

So here’s the situation…

You’re simply noticing that your lover isn’t that excited for action between the sheets these days.

Apart from finding it tricky to warm her up in bed, you also observe that it’s taking longer for her to reach the Big O even if you’re already putting your sexual A-game in action.

Sure this may look rather alarming, but there’s still no need to worry just yet. Chances are you’re simply neglecting a few lovemaking essentials that are disrupting with your partner’s sexual arousal.

Make sure you follow along to find out more…

You’re not keeping a close eye on your hygiene.

At its simplest, looking after your personal hygiene is a key factor when it comes to making your partner excited for a bout of action in the bedroom.

This is because her body won’t produce the feel-good hormones needed to get her sexually aroused. Regardless of what your sexual strategy is, you will only end up making her feel anxious and impatient if you push on with your techniques.

Apart from making sure you get rid of any excessive and unwanted facial hair, you should keep in mind to take regular showers, splashing on deodorant as well as giving your teeth and gums that care they need to pull this off.

Your bedroom is a complete mess.

I know this sounds a bit odd, but not making your bedroom as spic and span as you can lead to problems when it comes to getting your partner hot and ready in the bedroom.

See, a woman’s body has to be totally relaxed for it to become adequately sexually aroused.

If your lover is distracted or annoyed when you’re trying to heat things up between the sheets, chances are she will take very long to feel sexy or perhaps find it extremely difficult to get in the mood at all.

Your sexual techniques are repetitive.

A woman’s brain is highly active even during sex.

Interestingly, it keeps tracks of all the things that the body experiences in the process. If it thinks that the sensations the system is going through are rather redundant, it reduces the amount of pleasure they give sooner or later.

Make it a point to mix things up when you’re getting busy with your lover in the bedroom. Never focus on the same erogenous zones or perhaps stick to the same techniques when you’re at it.

Keep in mind to surprise her with new moves each time you two get frisky and you’ll just be surprised with the results.

Premature ejaculation affecting your sex life? Check this out.

Premature ejaculation affecting your sex life? Check this out.

A long-time HowToLastLongInBed.com reader emailed me this morning asking why he seems to be coming too quickly whenever he and his lover get busy between the sheets these days.

He shares that he didn’t have this problem earlier and besides being rather embarrassing for his partner, it is also quite frustrating for the both of them since he couldn’t seem to give her the sexual satisfaction she wants.

The sender also added that he is on the brink of getting his hands on creams, pills and other stuff that claim to fix the problem.

However, there’s no need to grab those things that will most likely result to more negative effects than positive ones sooner or later. Let me key you in on a few simple (and very natural) pointers that can help you keep clear of premature ejaculation…


I know this sounds rather simplistic, but making it a point to relax as much as you can when you and your partner are already getting frisky in the bedroom is one technique that can help you extend your bedroom playing time.

Overdoing it on the whole sexual excitement only forces your brain to churn out mood-altering hormones in the body. And when this happens, the entire sexual process speeds up and you’ll just find yourself reaching the point of no return much earlier than expected.

Have foreplay breaks.

Keeping in mind to have a foreplay break from time to time when you’re already in action is one way to prevent coming too quickly during lovemaking. It’s a simple as pausing to tease her with a bit of foreplay after a few thrusts.

You can either go down on your lover or stimulate her erogenous zones with tickles, kisses and caresses. It’s totally up to you which technique you’ll go for.

This gives your body a chance to “reset” the process that is in motion when you’re already sexually penetrating your partner, which easily means you won’t be in for a case of premature ejaculation out of the blue.

Keep a close eye on your sexual peak.

Your body is naturally wired to kick off orgasm and make you ejaculate as soon as your sexual peak reaches its limit. If you just have a way of controlling your sexual peak, then it won’t be that tough to steer clear from premature ejaculation.

And one easy method to pull off this one is to focus on your partner’s pleasure as you go along. Allowing yourself to simply get carried away and let your sexual peak go through the roof will surely lead to disaster sooner or later.

Looking to ace a first date? Check this out.

Looking to ace a first date? Check this out.

Now here’s the situation…

You have finally convinced the woman you’ve got your eye on to say yes to go on a first date with you.

However, you think you need a bit of brushing up with the essentials to do to pull the whole thing off with flying colors.

Instead of believing the stuff so-called “dating gurus” tell people like wearing loud clothes to look alpha male and using racy pickup lines, here are a few realistic and practical pointers you need to keep in mind to make the experience awesome for you and your date…

Plan your date.

A nice date doesn’t just happen out of the blue like you see in the movies. It actually needs considerable planning to pull off and you’re sure in for disaster sooner or later if you leave everything to chance.

Apart from carefully choosing the venue of your first date so you’ll make her feel comfy and relaxed, going the extra mile and making it a point to know details like her food and drink preferences gives you extra advantage as well.

Switch off your phone.

You need to have all of your attention on the woman you’re out with on a date the whole time. Unless you do this, she might feel you’re not interested in her at all or you’re simply a lousy date.

Make sure you save the texts, emails, tweets and status updates for later.

Keep an eye on your hygiene.

How you look and smell during a first date is basically one of the biggest factors if a woman will go out with you again or not.

Keep in mind that not smelling good and looking your best already gives her the notion that you’re not such an ideal date right off the bat. So make sure you take a meticulous shower and pick nice clothes before your date.

It’s also smart to give your teeth and gums TLC as well as making your shoes spic and span while at it. Now while this may sound surprising, women are very particular with footwear and she might have the wrong impression if your shoes need a bit of cleaning when you arrive.

Save the alcohol for later.

No matter how much you’re tempted to enjoy your favorite brew on a first date, keep your hands off the stuff.

Sure a lot of guys mistakenly believe that a few shots can steady their nerves and make them feel more confident, but it actually affects the way you interact with your date in a negative way.

So you'd like to brush up on kissing essentials...

So you’d like to brush up on kissing essentials…

I got the chance to catch up with old pals the other evening while checking out a few medical journals at the local library and I’m very lucky to run into Chloe, a friend and colleague when it comes to dating research.

While we were sharing a few drinks at the bar, the discussion was primed on the things that men unknowingly botch up when they already established an emotional connection with their dates.

Surely, Chloe stepped up to the plate and began sharing very useful pointers about one key thing that a lot of guys seem to overlook on the subject: kissing. Make sure you read on to find out the awesome tips she shared…

Don’t be assuming.

Sure you may feel that your date is already into you, but it doesn’t mean that she’s hyped up to share a kiss with you anytime soon.

Just imagine the disaster that will take place if you simply became too assuming in the process.

Apart from making sure that she’s sending the right signals, it’s also a smart idea to wait for your date to initiate the whole thing. One key thing to keep an eye on is if she’s getting too close physically than usual.

Be gentle.

So she’s already leaning in for a kiss…

No matter how much you’re tempted to start getting right in action, make it a point to take things slow and easy.

Start with a few exploratory pecks here and there. Do this to zero in on the areas where she likes to be kissed so you’ll know where to focus on when the action really picks up sooner or later.

Absolutely no tongue.

Although it’s pretty normal to get really excited when you and your date are already locking lips, keep in mind that shoving your tongue in there unexpectedly is just going to ruin her mood.

And no matter what you think, it’s not sexy.

Come to think of it. Put yourself in your date’s shoes. Wouldn’t it be really weird if someone did that to you when you’re just warming up?

Let her run the show.

If you’re really looking to score extra brownie points while you’re already sharing a kiss with your date, keep in mind to let her call all the shots while you’re at it.

Believe me this is the best way to go.

This is because your date will show her yourself how she’d like things to be done and she will also think that you’re patient and easygoing, which takes your emotional bond up a notch even higher.